APIST has an independent Board of Governors that has been appointed in line with the Law governing the organization and functioning of Higher Education. The Board provides governance and leadership with the help of the Management team. It has three committees: Academic Committee, Audit & Finance Committee and Administration & Human resource Committee. They fully operate with clear guidelines, policies, and procedures to support the College’s development.

Besides the Board of Governors, APIST’s institutional governance is also composed of the Senior Management Council, the Academic Quality Assurance Committee, the Department Councils and Student Representative Council (SRC). Their meetings are regularly scheduled as required (Cfr APIST’s General Academic Regulations Policy). The College has clear management practices that have mechanisms to share institutional values internally and externally as defined in its Strategic Plan. The staff is knowledgeable about APIST’s policies and procedures thus able to own the vision and mission of the institution. There is also a well-defined orientation programme for new employees.