The Faculty Council

Attributions and Composition of the Faculty Council
The Faculty Council analyses all the issues related to teaching and to research within the Faculty. It is made up of the following members:

The Dean of the Faculty, who acts as its Chairperson;
- The Heads of Departments;
- The Faculty’s permanent teaching personnel;
- One (1) student representing the Faculty, this one being elected by his/her colleagues.
- The Secretary of the Faculty.
- The President of students Guild;
- The Commissioner to academic affairs of the General Association of African Prime Institute of Science and Technology students;

The Faculty Council meets once a month upon the invitation of the Dean of the Faculty, or the most aged head of the department in case of the Dean’s absence or unavailability. Such a case may occur on the request of a third (1/3) of the Faculty members.

Deans of faculties and heads of departments are elected by members of the teaching staff from their respective Faculties and Departments and approved by the Senior Management.

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