Department of Demography

Career Opportunities in Population Studies at completion of the programme:
Population Studies graduates have a range of career opportunities in national and international agencies, local authorities, academic and research sectors and business establishments. They are demographers in economic and statistical offices, in census and planning departments, in national and state governments as well as in local health, education and town planning departments.

At the international level, Population Studies graduates work in various United Nations agencies including UNFPA, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNDP, WHO, ILO and FAO as well as World Bank, other international NGOs for example, Population Council, Ipas, The Gates Foundation.

Demographers are also employed in academic and research sectors including university departments and national level research agencies such as medical statistics, epidemiology, public health and social and economic research units. Other career prospects are in business and market research organizations, multinational corporations including insurance, banking and media.

Population Studies graduates may also work in multidisciplinary groups with people from other several disciplines such as social epidemiology, medical anthropology, population dynamics and other public health related topics.

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