Department of Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management

a. Overview

The Diploma in Community Health and HIV/AIDs management aims at producing a health worker who is capable of addressing health issues on a bottom up approach (i.e. from community to global perspective and critically analyze the related health problems with a view of proposing possible solutions.)
The need to develop manpower in these disciplines has been necessitated by the fast increasing health problem resulting from ongoing processes like urbanization and HIV/AIDs which is coupled by the era of emerging and re-emerging infectious. For the country to cope with this, community health practitioners who will be able to tackle the issues from grassroots are needed.
This curriculum has been prepared in accordance to the WHO target for ensuring cheap, affordable quality and easily accessible health services for all developing countries where a high percentage of population live below the poverty line i.e. they earn less than one dollar per day and thus the need for the motto “prevention is better than cure.”

b. General Objectives
At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to do the following:
1. Participate in the management of community health and HIV/AIDS projects.
2. Appreciate the role of community organization in Community Health and HIV/AIDS management.
3. Promote ethical practices and integrate gender in the community development.
4. Appreciate the role of communication in the community.
5. Appreciate the importance of self-entrepreneurial skills in national development.
c. Goals of the Programme
1. To provide increased training opportunities to enable the trainee to be self-supporting.
2. To provide practical skills and attitudes, this will lead to income generating activities in the urban and rural areas through self-employment or wage employment.
3. To provide practical education and training skills which are responsive and relevant to Kenya’s Health and economic needs.
4. To encourage self-employment while at the same time producing skilled community health practitioners for both formal and informal sectors.
5. To train community health practitioners competent and skilled in financial and institutional management of Community Based Organization (C.B.Os).




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