Department of Computer Forensics

a. What to study on the Bachelors of Computer Forensics degree at APIST?
The students will develop expert knowledge in the technological, ethical and legal issues in this field, including security, encryption, operating systems and information systems. From Year 3, students will have the opportunity to put what they've learned to practical use with a work experience placement at a company.

b. What will student gain?
Core modules such as programming, networks, and IT security are covered in this course extensively. The students will also be prepared to deal with the legal implications of investigations and learn how to collect and present evidence in an appropriate manner that is admissible in a court of law.

c. What are the career options with a degree in Computer Forensics?
The use of digital technology at home and work has led to a huge rise in computer-based crime. Graduates from our Bachelors Computer Forensics degree are fully equipped with the technical and analytical skills needed to secure jobs in this growing field. Law enforcement, security consultancy, database development and security management are just some of the areas they can expect to work in.

d. Where do our graduates go?
Computer forensics is still a growing field but the graduates can expect to find jobs within established areas, such as the police, the Serious and Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) and roles within security consultants, banking, government departments and IT firms specializing in computer security.

e. What about work placements?
Work placements are proven to increase the graduate’s success in the job market – as well as being a fantastic experience. They can further develop their interpersonal skills, build their confidence, and make contact with industry leaders. By making a good impression during their placement year, they greatly increase their chances of securing a job with the company after graduation. Research shows that 70% of placements result in a graduate job offer.

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