Board of Advisors/ Governors of the Institute

The Advisors’ Board is the governing and decision making organ of the institution. Members of the Advisors’ Board of the African Prime Institute of Science and Technology are appointed by the legal representative of the institute and it comprises of the following members:
- The Chairman appointed by the Legal Representative of the Institution;
- The Principal who is in charge of the minutes of the meeting;
- The Academic Director and Finance & Administration Director;
- Four experts in education, science and technology appointed by the Legal Representative of APIST;
- A representative of the Faculties Deans elected by his/her peers.

Attributions of the Advisors’ Board
The Advisor’ Board main attributions are the following:
- To provide points of view and suggestions concerning the Institution education policies and strategies and assure the follow up of their execution;
- To approve the designation of the Principal;
- To approve the selection of the Members of Senior Management;
- To approve Internal Regulations of the Institution;
- To approve the Institution budget;
- To approve the Annual Activity Plan of the Institution and the related budget;
- To approve the conclusions and decisions submitted by the Academic Senate, including particularly the academic awards, recruitment, promotions for lecturers and researchers of higher learning institutions;
- To make a follow-up of activities which allow the Institution to fulfill its mission;
- Etc.

Appointment /Election of Chairperson and the vice chairperson of the Advisors’ Board
-The Chairperson of the Advisors’ Board is appointed by the Legal Representative and Owner of the Institute. The Vice-Chairperson of the Advisors’ Board is elected by his/her colleagues during the first meeting chaired over by the Chairperson of the Board.
-The Vice- Chairperson replaces the Chairperson of the Advisors’ Board in case of the latter’s absence or unavailability.
-The Advisors’ Board meets once in three months upon the request of the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson in case of the Chairperson’s absence or unavailability while the quorum of 2/3 of its members are present.

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