Department of accounting and finance

a. What will you study on the Bachelors Degree of Accounting and Finance at APIST?
Our four-year degree (including the work placement) covers the key areas of: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Business Law and Business Economics. You will also learn modules that explore the broader business environment, and gain an understanding of the pivotal role of accounting to the success of organisations across the globe.
b. What will you gain?
You will develop a set of transferable skills to support you on your career journey, such as advanced analytical thinking and problem solving. You will learn how to work effectively in teams as both a leader and collaborator and become a confident communicator both written and verbally, ensuring you can communicate effectively in a business environment.
c. What sort of careers can you have with a degree in Accounting and Finance?
You can also pursue a career as a professional accountant following accreditation (setting you on the path to becoming a professional accounting). An Accounting and Finance degree opens the doors to a range of careers, many with excellent progression and competitive salaries. You can become an accountant with any of the major accounting professional bodies.
Additionally, you can go on to do further study. Courses that our Accounting & Finance graduates are undertaking include: MSc Investment & Finance and MSc Banking and Finance
d. What about work experience?
Work experience in the form of placements and internships greatly improve graduate employment prospects, and students who take part achieve excellent academic results through applying their learning in a professional setting.

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